Past Patron Chairs

Dr. Tina Alster and Mr. Paul Frazer

Sondra D.* and Howard M.* Bender

Max N. and Heidi* Berry

Alan and Nancy Taylor Bubes

Morton and Norma Lee Funger

Christa and Greg Gallopoulos

Estelle Gelman*

Susie and Michael Gelman

The Honorable Joseph B. and Alma Gildenhorn

Ina* and Jack* Kay

Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner

Karen and Bruce Levenson

The Honorable William F. and Dorothy McSweeny

Alan and Amy Meltzer
Ron and Joy Paul

Irene and Abe Pollin

Craig and Pat Ruppert
Roger and Vicki Sant
Steven H. and Marie Schram
Cary and Sherry* Sherman
Terry Sherman Ralston
Julie and David C. Silver
Marla and Robert Tanenbaum
Linda and Allan M. Weinstein
Christopher Wolf and James Beller

*Of Blessed Memory